one last drink


it was one drink I drank that what made me drunk
not the first, nor second, not even the third
I’d had a few more than I think I had thunk
it was the very last one, let’s not be absurd
and for this last drink I cannot be faulted
as it was a gift from my oldest friend
he raised glass and our friendship exalted
what took 10 years to mature found a quick end
this bourbon settled quickly and my eyes did cross
the mash which earlier was sweet now turned to sour
drawing concerned friends to my side “you ok, boss?”
the question was answered within that final hour
my speech was then slurred and I couldn’t walk straight
the spirits on the rocks were replaced by water
who knew that party would not make past eight?
all with one drink that night, the mighty did falter
Goliath was felled with the toss of a simple stone
the Titanic’s maiden voyage also ended on the rocks
the Philistine’s were felled by a donkey jaw bone
and I was bested by a punch from the old Fighting Cock.


2 Responses to “one last drink”

  1. poeticgrin said

    A toast, to you, Sir, for making me smile.

  2. wally426 said

    That poem reminds me of an old toast:

    Ale’s a strong wrestler,
    Flings all it hath met;
    And makes the ground slippery,
    Though it not be wet.

    Happy b-day brother

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