my charity fight


stepping into the ring I see my opponent
he’s about the same size and equivalent age
this is my first bought and he seems current
I remember the advice I got from a sage
“keep your hands up and jab when you can”
the bell rings and the guy sizes me up
his hands at his sides, I let loose my hand
glove contacts his nose and then it errupts
the look on his face, straight anger, no doubt
he begins to throw punches that bring in my fears
that was the only punch I land in this bought
my face is covered so he punches my ears
how many more rounds? I think I might die
I should attempt to fight back, throw a jab
lowering my glove, I catch one in the eye
with that hit, I should have hit the slab
but I kept my feet, but it turned me around
ref stops the fight and started the count
tells me to “face forward, that stuff’s not allowed”
the punches are hard, I’d rather be knocked out
his gloves turn me around a couple more times
the second of those is the TKO, end of the fight
it’s a good thing too, I was starting to blur lines
my face is bruised in a testament to his might
glad it’s all over, I shake his hand and walk away
that was my first fight and definitely my last
he stands center ring with his arm being raised
defeated, I feel like I need a full body cast


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