the multitudes have joined forces
in the great sin of war
at the mere mentioning of marring her name

for her, more versus have been written
whether for finding her or losing her
than for anyone else

Cleopatra befriended a viper as quickly
as Shakespeare tells us
Romeo and Juliet experienced their loss
in the versus of traumatic youth

The Greeks understood about
the yellow butterflies dreamed up by Garbiel Garcia Marquez
centuries in anticipation to his novels
we see this through the demonstration of faith
in little innocent Cupid

Our Infinite God limited Himself in human form
to be tortured at our hands and killed
all for love!

So why do you ask me why I search for the most potent power?
the real question is, why don’t you
Why wait?

In so much as gold doesn’t move alone
love won’t find you


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