sanguis sanguinis mei


Sword and armor never far
a vigilant eye to the horizon
marauders came for my grandfather
as they came for his father
treacherous island home of strength
mixing blood, Phoenician and Greek
Arab, Norman, Roman and Carthaginian
perfecting the formula that is man
doorway to the South of civilization
crossroads of faiths, culture and trade
sun painted evolution of skin tone
Southern viking, fisherman warriors

Royal blue from lupine dreams
hear Gediminas’ call in my veins
powerful king uniting a divided self
the hearth of the Vaidilutes still burns
from the highlands to the lowlands
Baltic fortress at the mouth of the Nemunas
patient gatherings around the beacon of truth
forceful piercing through the iron curtain
a proud history told through survival
clear eyes and broad shoulders
the crest of the Northern roots


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