life cycle


youth paints a sapling green
flexible in winds that look to snap static ties
East to North, then South and back East
leaves twice as large fall and blow past
supple grounds hold roots won’t give way
torrents feed growth that is otherwise excessive
protective bark begins to form

calluses forming a supporting base bark
twigs start to reach towards new goals
the first fruit forms, infertile nut decays unnoticed
seasons change the simple buds to foliage
teenage branch adornments of flowers

next year’s summer offers more promising results
seeds have taken root, but are quickly eaten
twigs turned to branches, supporting a new nest
texture now forms at the trunk’s anchor

low-lying broken branch healed on winter’s thaw
squirrels and birds now community neighbors
new found safety in out-of reach, steady branches
germinating youth spawned by productive fruit
autumn’s harvesting could not stop expansion

slowed growth in dormant winter status
never imagined a fruitless harvest
sap runs slow and new buds are hard to sprout
rope swing held by static strength
only time will now tell if the snow will recede


2 Responses to “life cycle”

  1. poetryfromthebackofmyhand said

    love the infertile nut image. You have to read your work several times as it is so condense kind of like Emily Dickinson. Thanks.

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