Where we lay our heads


as there is rain, too there will be sun
we live with weather, but move to climates
there are places where it is always summer
changing seasons offer a colorful variety
it is our decision where we lay our heads

rocky rapids smooth to calm river bends
brackish deltas feed the ocean from glacial run-off
waxing and waning waves rock a slow beat
calming cascades murmur steady static
silent streams offer placid movement
it is our decision by which we lay our heads

quiet country ranch, with no neighbors to be seen
west village chaos, rowdy strangers outside the apartment
there is solace in the solitude of wide expanses
friends are never far in the concrete jungle
it is our decision where we lay our heads

tumultuous relationship, bickering, make-up sex
compatible companions relaxing with one another
screaming and tears or quiet cuddling repose
it is our decision next to who we lay our heads

there are rapids ahead in every quiet river
thunderstorms even in the desert
fights occur between the best of friends
a moment’s loss does not erase all gains
in the end, we choose where we lay our heads


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