What happened last night?


hang over, hang over, why won’t you blow over
there is a band in my head, next to a wrecking crew
I sound like a I swallowed a frog, like Sesame Street’s Grover
my credit card is missing and there’s vomit on my shoe

the beginning of the night was all sorts of fun
now, my eyes are blood shot and I reek of booze
I’ve lost memory of everything after the shots were done
boy was I wrong when I thought I had nothing to lose

retracing my steps would prove quite the task
credit card receipts in my pocket showing various bars
my friends are passed out around me, leaving noone to ask
clues of wrist bands and stamps of smiley faces and stars

remorse leads to vows of never drinking again
why must I do this to my poor innocent liver
who knows what this does to my little used brain
my nerves are all shot, I can’t stop the shivers

reaching for my phone I discover drunk dials
fifteen minute conversations and plenty of short ones
texting people I hadn’t spoken to in a while
the camera phone has pictures of some strange girls buns

at least with these clues I can finally answer
where I ended the night in the finest condition
snapshot of the bartender setting up shot and chaser
I remember him telling me not to, next time I’ll listen


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