testament of love


stranded on a coconut filled cay
tattered, salt-hardened scratchy clothes
alone with a picture of you
I will survive

my skin is burned raw
the sea grapes created soup in my gut
I sat on a sea urchin
but when I look at you
that all goes away

In conversing with the gulls
they’ve started to respond
my mind makes mirages
ships, airplanes and saddled dolphins
at least I have the picture of you

If I should die waiting for rescue under this tree
and you are reading my note
scratched into the bark
please find this woman
and tell her I died waiting to love her
without her I would not have made it so far


2 Responses to “testament of love”

  1. astridstark1 said

    Someone once wrote to me…

    It is better to endure the feeling of loss and all its sweeping pain.
    Thant it is to endure the loss of feeling
    – and nothing left to gain.

    Reminds me of your Testament of Love.

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