Fat guy running


sprung into Spring decision, calisthenics
it’s two days later and my legs are still whining
forcing breaths, heart about to explode
an uphill battle, for a rest my body was pining
retied my shoe, any excuse for a momentary break
I forced myself to keep going, despite the discomfort
next time we’ll do a less than four mile round lake
there are no short-cuts, no retreat, no return
only the road ahead, a fair fight at my own pace
one step at a time, my calves felt the burn
the sweat poured, phlegm collecting, no fountain for respite
continuing forward trying to keep focus
the end had to be near, though not yet in sight
distracting myself reading the lake home names
around another bend, up and down undulating road
no more suffering or trick-my-mind games
I finally see the distinctive sign for the house


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