one foot after the other


adventures in labyrinths with growing boundaries
mythical creatures of both gay and malevolent natures roam
will it be Icarus around the next bend, waxing escape plans
or will fearfully cornered by a rampaging minotaur
walking while pegasus fly overhead, wood nymphs and fairies scamper about
laborious day, no end in sight, only memories of the world outside

wandering one day, there was the mysterious doorway
curiosity cheated reason, winning the tug-of-war with prudence
after very few steps, one or two turns, utter confusion, no escape
it has been long since seeing expanses of open ground
walls lead and misguide, impenetrably blocking straight ways
the only bit of normalcy spattered stars on a black canvas of night

heavens once were a tool in navigation, from the crow’s nest of a ship
now they dance taunts with timelessly familiar limericks from youth
time is irrelevant where there is sun and moon, but always the road
sleep when fatigue creeps into each muscle, resting to continue
hope is muted in melancholy as each turn brings more of the same
no matter how fantastic and exciting, with time one longs for home
questions of the existence of the goblins, ghouls and griffins now answered
replaced with the once colloquial thoughts of family and friends
longingly envisioning the course of their lives played out in dreamland

life presents decisions which funnels it’s course, sometimes permanently
while regretting turns, retracing steps or going straight, what’s underfoot goes unnoticed
though more exotic experiences may have been forewent for this
tomorrow the choices of yesterday may prove more rewarding
therein lies the hope of continuing step beyond step on the journey
pack light, ready to move and remember the lessons learned
for when energy fails in stable legs there are only etchings of the past
dreams of what is to come will fuel an empty belly when more is lacking
continue moving, sedentary life leaves little ahead and less behind
perhaps one day soon another door will present itself to a better adventure


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