Ode to Friday


Forgiving the week, we have been offered Friday
through the tribulations daily trying our patience
we come upon the day of freedom in blissful acceptance
waning away from work like a baby drifting to sleep
afternoon hours spent more watching the clock than the market
it can all now wait for Monday morning’s thunderclap
taunting snooze bar will roll over wanting you to scratch its soft belly
but that too is for the weeks commence, not today
an early departure, egress ornery office, ingress happy hour
one for the road as you exit town, won’t look back
born again with the fresh air of rural “staycations” up state
built on three-day weekends, the moon’s day no longer mundane
it all starts on this, the final day of cubicle confinement
like a dove arriving laden with an olive branch, it augers the tempest’s break
a sun’s ray through ominous clouds, reminding us to have hope
the aperitif before the banquette cooking and wafting from the kitchen
this day gives us the first kiss of a long steamy night
let us love it together


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