The Machine


Tempered metal robot
bulky and strong, built to last
you have been sent to seek justice
programmed by good, honest men
their creative intentions lauded and emulated
there have been mistakes found and corrected in  their design
but the overall plan is one of great importance

machine, your florescent eyes are fixed on your mission
a path has been keyed in by the digitized coordinates
the juggernaut of justice, you plow ahead intently
not seeing what new obstacles have been erected
good or bad, organic and living  or steel and mortar
caring little of the destruction in your wake
only the mission is important, you dredge on

under foot, there are family farms, offices, shops, cars, lives
where before there was this season’s crops, now your footprints
a new home, torn in two leaving strangers homeless
the neighborhood antique shop and it’s booty, lost forever
immobile children, tethered or penned pets, slow elderly folks, squashed
so many victims of this noble objective, due to it’s execution

A chainsaw was used where a steady-handed scalpel proved effective
as I look around at the trench of this twister-like path of destruction
and I ask myself what was so important to send this machine?
I fear that the answer can only anger me, so I look no further
helping neighbors’ coping, cleaning-up and reconstruction of their lives
the mechanism that sent the robot is unavoidable in this country
you can only hope that the next time it rolls through, you are unaffected


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