Bad mood


peevish innards writhe scornfully
no justice found from their persistent torture
my mood worn as a badge on my face
my temperament welding a scowl to arch my lips
as if a bad odor were pervasively attacking

I cannot shake the louse from it’s burrow
under my skin, eating away at my life force
the vermin has infested and laid it’s spawning larva
if left unchecked, this minor upset could devour me
I’m made to wish it only indigestion or a toothache

be gone rain cloud, harboring and harvesting misfortune
this harbinger of gray hovering over my current day
languishing in my misery, I must find shelter
given no shelter, then a glass to catch the rain
or perhaps, a boat and sail to brave the floods
something positive must come of this, if not avoided

now it seems nothing but a plague during a recession
rain during a flood or fires after an earthquake
destruction upon disaster, kicking us while feverishly ill
a cesspool of toxicity in an otherwise average setting

such do I see my inside tides ebbing these days
rancid and putrid lays my heart inside the cavity of my chest
the energy created by my composting innards needs an escape
my face is pruning against the angst of the demonic invasion
how do I purge this foulness from my being, opening a window of escape
like a fly locked in, looking for a way out, annoying until vanquished

How do I end this?


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