The phone is ringing, my line is free
my brother picks up but passes to me
I answer to find an international call
says his name’s John, though I know that is false
another outsourced salesman, trying to make do
why are you lying to me? I’ve not to you!
so what if your name is too hard to pronounce?
just give me a chance to utter those sounds
you’re butchering my name or don’t even try
and you won’t give me your name, just telling lies
you’re not “Kevin Jones” or “Elizabeth Smith”
it is a New Yorker that you’re messing with
my friends all have more interesting names
and here you are, trying to play games
that’s fine, good sir, if you want to do that
what are you looking for? I’ll give “tit for tat”
a credit card deal, some insurance plan
if I needed that, I’d call you, my good man
in any case, who is this for?
oh, I don’t recognize that name, “he don’t live here no more”
you should try your luck elsewhere, Mr. cold-calling liar
or at least next time let your alias expire
I’ll pay more attention, to your sales pitch
as long as you don’t tell me that your name’s “Mitch”


2 Responses to “Outsourcing”

  1. mitch said

    excellente, senor. Me gusto, mucho. Oh, tambien, yo tengo mucho “tat”. Donde esta las…..?

  2. wally426 said

    How far the mighty have fallen…

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