My commute


“En cafe et en croissant, s’il vous plait”, I say
I walk from West 4th Street’s patisserie, beginning my day
jumping on the uptown V train, commuting to work
no thank you, don’t need that AM New York
There’ll be no room in the car to read it, so don’t be bitter
I’ll read my news on-line in the office, rather than litter
don’t push! a little patience goes a long way
there’s a line for the stairs to get out of the subway
I finally resurface on the 53rd street corner
only to find another free paper doner
shuffling past him and the dirty dog vender
the frankss actually smell good after last night’s bender
but alas, it’s too early, it would only make me sick
I’ll have greasy Chinese at lunch, that’ll do the trick
tourists on the corner, blocking my transit
their faces from all over, running the gamut
I don’t care where you’re from, just get out of my way
Muevete! Move! Vai! and Allez!
pass on the left, but stay to your right
if you only did that, there’d be no reason to fight
looking up at the buildings or down on the ground
you act like you’re the only person around
don’t act surprised when you get tossed the finger
nor let the offense make your anger linger
it’s just the way we express our disgust
at people who come here and don’t quickly adjust
when in Rome, do as the Romans do
so while in New York, just say “f you too!”
I make it to the office, all in one piece
my shoes shined, my pants still pressed with a crease
looking civilized despite running the obstacle course
no worse for the wear and feeling no remorse
for pointing out the rules of this jungle that I inhabit
I’m sorry if you leave thinking all New Yorkers all rabid
please understand that we can’t always be polite
we try to, but with the millions of people it gets kind of tight
take the abuse in stride, as if I was your brother
I’ll smack you this time and kiss you another


One Response to “My commute”

  1. wally426 said

    Scratch that, you should make this into a children’s book. I’ll get started on the illustrations!!

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