Home Is Where The Heart Is


I looked to the North and found beautiful interlacing lochs
Cascading from the mountains are eroding currents of long winding rivulets shimmering brown
Two clear blue island oases of crystalline ponds show through the landscape near the plateau

To the East and West are fields spotted with poppies and wild flowers
Fed by the slowing rivulets from the Northern mountains
The plains go on to the ends of the earth, as far as the eyes can take you
Even standing on the hills as I am, the plains stretch endlessly from sight
On these bare hills, only condors’ nests left dot the the bald rocks
Solitary eggs left abandoned, protruding from the nest because I have come

South from here, is the land is full of natural resources
Great trees, like redwoods, grow to dwarfing heights
At their base, valuable ores are there to be mined from the core of the earth
Many men search for these treasures, but I’ve never met a man to have fund them
But the stories live on.

Since I found this land and made it my home, I have explored far and wide
I  have not be long here, but everywhere else seems lonely and unforgiving in comparison
None compare to the natural beauty of my new homeland
Needing not of cosmetic installations to adorn the face of any stone
Anything marring it’s nature would only take away from the original work of the Great Sculptor
Every day, I give thanks for having found my way here

I hope I have not stumbled upon another man’s land
It would be my greatest misfortune to be chased off with no return
May this forever be my home.


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