Early lessons of manhood


When I was young I realized something
I had the same script as my beloved mother
This skill was none too haunting
To have the ability of signing the name of another

One day, empowered by the art of my hand
I made a big boy decision to forgo classes
Creating a letter of excused absence, by mom’s forged brand
Cleverly, one step ahead in fooling the masses

Or so I thought, as I was young, arrogant and naive
Not counting on teacher phoning home after missing from role call
I was in more trouble than thought possibly conceived
My genius had been bested and I waited for my downfall

The gig was up and my goose was cooked
Off to face the music from my teachers and my parents
The former would be easier any which way you looked
I marched to the office and asked what punishment my action warrants

The administrators were surprised by my maturity
a boy knowing he was in trouble admitting to his crime?
Not even grown men know when it is time to take responsibility!
My actions so forth-coming reduced my detention time

Then came the hour to face my guardians
I walked home slowly, scared of the impending storm
Not a minute through the door I told them of my shenanigans
Scolding was minor and the sentence light, all in hoping honesty would stay the norm

Now a score of years later looking back, I learned a few lessons
In word, I Let yes mean yes and no mean no
When for praise or for fault, I take responsibility for my actions
Others can take stake on my vows and I look wiser than I show


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