Ode to my morning coffee


Puffy-eyed and drowsy,
clumsy brain moves slowly to the kitchen
the beans smell of roasted, chocolate passion
percolator gurgles with bubbled production
anticipation of the first sip, like that of a first kiss
I’m giddy; as giddy as I can get in this comatose state

Colombian, Arabica, French Roast
Black espresso or brown American
half & half and two sugars
Java, java, java, java, java, java!

Capuccino breakfast (mai doppo mezzo giorno)
It is no more an addiction than a craving for a cold shower on a hot summer’s day
Move over canines, free refills are a man’s best friend
Beautiful native American concoction of desire
Plantae Gentianales Rubiceae Caffea, a royal plant
Breakfast and dessert in one
With you we begin each day


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