Calm Inside


Most have evacuated, leaving with hopeful wishes of returning to order
boarded up windows show the missing teeth next to aluminum siding enamel
sand bags give the swingset the feel of being out of the foxhole
its chains rattling with the growing winds.
The rain begins, at first with slow heavy drops
but as the gales intensify the wind spatter them into buck shot

Gates swing songs of excitement sounding like sorry violas and mad cellos
while unsecured shutters bang the drum beat and the precipitation keeps rhythm
snapping branches, roof tiles ripped from abodes, picket fences picked like weeds
crashing debris thrown into an array of static possessions chime in, symbols in the orchestra
whipping palm fronds and tattered trees hiss of scraping maracas
the Maestro must be having fun creating sound by destroying creation

We built our house from cement and stone
it is surrounded by fortress-like storm walls
the neighbors, who now have fled, no longer will make fun
we are prepared for hard tomorrows, together
the reinforced windows remain unshuttered to display the maelstrom panorama of chaos
warm and protected inside, watching the on-coming scene, we make a toast to our love


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