A Perfect Day


Just a perfect day and your prospects look great,
face bronzed in the sun and salty air in your hair.
A fish in the boat, flopping, a keeper
Smiles and pirate song abound
Steady winds cooling the rays of an July day

The boat’s sprung a leak!
The bilge pump is busted
and the bucket’s cracked,
the outboard motor is tangled in a bottom-feeding monster trap,
we’re going down!

The fish is swimming again,
the sun too hot, the winds blow you nowhere
The smiles are turned and the songs are now with Davey Jones.
A panic attack, frustration

Then you realize, you’re together
Within swimming distance to shore
BBQ awaits, with a side of your tale.
Refreshed by cool water, there goes the fish
Things looked bad, now just funny.

Just a perfect day!


One Response to “A Perfect Day”

  1. wally426 said

    This poem is a children’s book for sure. Start the drawings and I’ll be your agent!

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